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A Bruce Johnstone track for bari lovers!

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I've just finished my final recording session with my group Harder Bop, with Bruce Johnstone as a special guest. Here is his feature, short & sweet -- this is an unmixed session tape, and it already sounds, if I may say so myself, pretty damn great! THIS is why I wanted Bruce to play on my record... Check it out, on my blog:

A Simple Wish, featuring Bruce Johnstone
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Pretty Sweet. Bruce has been a fave of mine since "Stay Loose with Bruce"...
Oh, yeah. It was Bruce's work with Maynard that first got my attention...

Sweet googly-moogly, Kelly... That's absolutely outstanding! Bruce does indeed sound great, but that's one hell of a composition, my man!
Thank you, John! You know, that tune did turn out well ... and Bruce plays the hell out of it!

I don't play bari but if I did, I'd want to sound like Bruce. Did you notice if he was actually playing the Drake mouthpiece he's endorsed?
He sure was! In the last year or two I've only seen Drakes on his horn. He's very enthusiastic about them. And Bruce is NOT a flavor-of-the-month guy when it comes to mouthpieces -- he played that one storied Lawton of his for decades!
1 - 3 of 7 Posts
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