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A=440Hz, low B on tenor = 220Hz?

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That puts a B2 on tenor saxophone at 440 Hz right? B1 is then at 220Hz... Okay, if I am an octave off then B1 is 110.

Seems to me, big bass speakers (>10 inches) wouldn't be necessary to amplify/mic a sax alone, right?

The reason I ask is that I just bought a Yamaha MSR100, and I have some reservations (buyer's remorse). I guess I'll know when it gets here and I hook it up, eh?
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The specs for the MSR 100 have the bass response at 55Hz, which is plenty low enough for tenor sax. (Great C-the lowest string on the cello-is around 63HZ).

The eight inch driver for the woofer is probably mounted in a bass reflex configuration, which significantly extends the bass response. So, oftentimes it's not the size of the driver, but how it's mounted.

My EAW studio monitors have 8" drivers in a well designed cabinet. The bass response for them is rated at 40Hz. (I've measured and confirmed this with tones and an spl meter).

It should work fine.
'Preesh, Hakukani!!
Be careful with following the frequency response charts provided by manufacturers -

Know that these charts mean NOTHING. They are merely representative of how the product will pass a single sine wave through the system - and being as saxophones don't produce only single sine waves, these manufacturer references mean nothing in your situation. Test tones in general mean nothing since audio is not just a test tone, but rather very complex wave patterns.

Seek out retail stores that have studio monitors available for listening - and use your ears to find something suitable.
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