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745xxx Sn?????

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he says the SN is 745XXX
pete thomas' list for King stops at 1975 with 511500
whats goin on???
if he put one extra X that would put the horn at about 1920 which cant be right,

also look at the neck,
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There are lots of rumours that Seeburg found lots of parts kits around the time they prototyped the Super 21, and made a limited run of Super 20s. This would support that. The later S20s (500xxx-600xxx) were made with different bodies that had drawn toneholes rather than brazed and rumour again is that these were bodies made in Japan. This one seems unusual (and likely just a very late S20) because:

-- It has keywork, bracing, guards exactly identical to the Eastlake S20s, but doesn't have "Eastlake" or "Cleveland" engraved on the bell.

-- The neck emblem and matching case are consistent with the late Seeburg period, well into the King Tempo alto has similar emblems, but is a different case style.

could be a great value!!
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