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I just won this UNBELIEVABLE silver plated selmer series II off ebay for $1900 about a month ago. It was in perfect condition and played like a dream right out of the case. After every time I shed with it, I always put it back in the case for safe keeping. Today I took the horn out and practiced for a bit, then placed it on the soprano peg I have. I was plannin to come right back to it, and while I was sheddin alto i see the soprano tip in the corner of my eye. I tried to catch it but I was too late and it bangs into the ladder of my loft bed. Now there is a dent the size of a dime on the upper part of the horn, near the neck. Played it after the fall, and there seemed to be no practial damage (Thank God). Is it possible to get this fixed without ruining the silver plating? I know dent balls and magnets can be used for dents like this, but considering that the dent itself is near the narrowest part of the horn, it might not seem feasible. Am I screwed?

P.S. ONLY use the oleg bulldog stand for alto. Don't use your tenor or pegs of any kind on this stand, trust me. I hope someone's horn can aviod damage in the future from this dumb accident on my part.
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Aw, man, what a bummer... sounds like you got a real gem for that price! I'll tell you what, man, I was sh***ing bricks when something similar happened to my flute. I took it to the shop, and they fixed it up perfectly. There is no denting to speak of. What there IS, is a vague discoloration where the dent was to remind me to be more careful! Plays fine, though.
I've a Yamaha T62 mkll, it's now a year old.
About three months ago with it hung round my neck I walked over to turn down the volume of my electric piano on which I record backing tracks.
I caught a corner of the eject button for the floppy disc with the rim of the horn. There is a ding the size of a pin head in the face of the rim, you can't see it from any distance "but I know it's there" and I'm still peeved.
I'm less peeved about the minor dints in a couple of the doors of my year old SUV made by careless 'erberts opening doors in car parks. The car cost nearly 20 times the Yamaha.

Why do we take these things so personally?
It can be fixed.
It can be fixed, probably without evidence, easier than you think.

The octave vent will possibly have to be unsoldered before, and re-soldered after. When soldering needs to be done, silver plating has an advantage over lacquer in that the temperature may darken the lacquer.

Have you checked for the body being slightly bent?
1. Shine a light into the bell, and look down the top.
2. Check for keys that have longitudinal play between their respective posts.
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