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50's Sonny Stitt Tenor Set-Up???????

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Hi. Does any one know what size Otto Link STM Sonny Stitt used in the 50's? Around the Eternal Triangle recording era???
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I think Stitt had a regular Tone Master in the mid-late '50s.

I've seen photos of Stitt from 1949 with a King spr20 and a metal Berg. I've seen other photos from 1954 with an early mk6 (scroll "S" on neck) and a Link TM.

I know he played an STM on alto for a long time.

Bottom line: I think Stitt had a regular TM on the "Sonny Side Up" album w/ Rollins, Dizzy, Persip and the Bryant bros. Probably a #5 or #6.
Thanks Barry...

Anybody else got any ideas? I got the Dizzy Gillespie live in Belguim 1958 with Sonny Stitt and it doesn't really look like he's playing a standard tone master to me. Looks more like an early stm... Mainly interested in what size he used (e.g. 6/8*/7*/10*??) .... I remember reading a while back that he played 10* on alto. I dont know if that was true or not?
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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