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1. CE Winds Brassite Florida tenor 7* Mpc. Excellent player. $310

2. Sakshama's Florida stm copy tenor 7*. This is one of the couple that he had where he did not have his name enraved across the top of the bar on top of the body. I wrote him about this and he confirmed this with me a long while back. It's still has some of the original link stampings on there. $285

3. Brilhart Tonalin tenor with serial. .077 $140

4. RPC .120 tenor which has a rare cut out on the shank. I'm not sure what that is for but I haven't seen another like it. It's in the middle of the shank. This is a 9 tip opening which measures .120 and it's a rollover baffle and very similar sounding to a powerful Link. $550

5. Brilhart clear TONALITE tenor Mpc 5 tip. $210

Selling from Florida.

Email me at: c[email protected]
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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