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Just a bit of advice for those who have a Vintage Guardala Tenor mouthpiece or one of the Vigilante or Vintage pieces that I make and how to successfully fit a Selmer 402 Ligature.

First thing to note is that the 402 was made for the Selmer metal Alto mouthpiece. This ligature fits the Tenor Guardala style mouthpiece for those who do not know.

I have always used needle nose pliers on the ligature screws the first time I fit a reed to the piece. This will stretch the lig a tiny bit and make it fit the piece properly. After you do this the lig should be easy to get on and off the piece.

I did this same thing for years on the DG pieces I made at the time I worked with Dave and we sent out with a simple two screw ligature.

Michael Brecker always used this particular ligature on the pieces we made for him.

I've had many people call me about this issue and hopefully this will help those of you who bought the ligature but cant seem to get it to work.

Jennifer Price
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