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400 alto

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serial # 685000 in good condition but probably needing pads.

Is it worth $200 ?

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It's a late 70's model. Underslung neck and funky Double oval Beuscher logo and no other engraving. It's available to me semi locally, but I'm thinking of passing on it.

Looks clean one small dent and a little bend in the lip of the bell.
It's about 100 miles away, but my wife is due any time now so even that is a bit of a stretch should I be needed immediately. If playing was an option I'd go and wring it out and see what it had, but I'm looking at having it delivered. It's a bit too far into the selmer ownership for me to think it might be anything more than a backup horn. And given that it was played by a kid when new and in a closet for a bunch of years it might need more attention ($$) that it would be worth.

Am I wrong?
1 - 3 of 7 Posts
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