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4 vintage brilhart tenor mouthpieces for sale.

These are a complete rarity, as they are BRAND NEW OLD STOCK.

Mpc's that I bought as part of a collection a music store had.

I put some others I have up in another for sale post, and guys are loving them, so I figured I would put some more up here that weren't listed yet.

These have the original packaging, which aren't mint, but cool to have, and again----> the mouthpieces are completely brand new mint condition old stock from about 50 years ago.

1. Brilhart Ebolin 2* tenor measuring .070

2. Brilhart Ebolin 3* tenor measuring .077

3. Brilhart Ebolin 4 tenor measuring .075

4. Brilhart Ebolin 4* tenor measuring .075

Selling from Florida for $250 each plus shipping.

Email me at: [email protected]
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