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I hope everyone is well and staying safe.

These just came in and they are spectacular looking and playing.

These are heavy gold plated with a red and black German bar stock marble hard rubber bite plate.
These all measure .108.

1. Robusto 7**
2. Robusto 7**
3. Robusto 7**
4. Robusto 7**

These play warm and full with some nice punch when you push it. They are not bright. These are FANTASTIC all-around mouthpieces!
I put them up against my stellar Florida Links here, and for me they just outplay them.

The black O-rings can easily slide on and off depending on the look you want.

Shipping is from Florida

$595 with free shipping worldwide.

Email me at: [email protected]
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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