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Well I am gonna chime in with a contrary experience. I am the guy who purchased this 39T and I have completed the refurb. I have here in the shop a Buescher 'Crat, a King Cleveland, and an Eastman 640 as far as tenors go. I also have this puppy, another Beaugnier stencil, right hand bellkeys with traditional keywork:

I have found nothing 'thin' nor particularly 'tame' about the 39T in comparison. It blows focused and relatively dark. Side by side, back and forth - it sounds, quite honestly - tonally almost identical to the auction horn above.

There are subtle differences between it and the Buescher, the Buescher possessing darker harmonics and a bit more 'spread' while the 2 Beaugniers are a touch brighter and more focused, but then when compared to the King Cleve (which is a tad brighter and a tad narrower than a Buescher to begin with), it is really sitting square in the same sonic paradigm as the Cleve, a horn most would consider 'big toned'.
The Eastman, a great sounding modern horn (FS on vendor section BTW) is also in the same family, tonally...actually darker and smoother than any of the others, surprisingly.

For kicks I threw in a good ol' Vito-Yama, for me the quintessential example of a modern toned horn (not the 'best' modern toned horn, just a typical modern tone)....THEN the differences become obvious...the 39T to mine ears being neither thin, narrow, nor lacking in cojones one would expect from a Beaugnier.

"Polite" ? Polite as one would expect a vintage (non-German) European horn to be vs. your typical American one, I suppose.

So comparing the 39T to 4 other horns which have a rep for "blowing big" and on the darker side....the sonic differences between them and the 39, while there, are somewhat subtle...sort of what one might expect from comparing some good vintage tenors to one another.

Before I ship out the 39 I am gonna do some body tube measurements and compare it to the other Beaugnier...I am guessing there are elements in the specs which are gonna be identical (although the 39 has offset lower stack holes, while the other does not).

That's my report:salute:
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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