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I don't believe that horn is a 39T - which model number was alternatively called the Duke Special, or at least that's my understanding. The G# key isn't egg shaped, no felt adjusters on the bell keys, different octave thumb lever, different pant guard, different body to bell brace (came out of the Noblet bin along with that neck?), earlier serial number...Not sure there was a standard neck brace but my 39T - that absolutely screams with tons of brilliance - has a thin strip Selmer style.

Don't doubt that it's a very nice horn following Jaye's great work, but it presents as a different, slightly (?) earlier model.

The 39T isn't a dark horn. In sharp contrast the earlier Beaugnier Special Perfect tenors I've tried were different - and didn't do much for me; felt sort of woolly and keyword was on the soft side. Maybe I was unlucky with my sample of 2 though...
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