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3 Weeks 'Till Audition Time

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I've now got 3 weeks until my first audition (CCM).

I'm preparing Tableaux de Provence: Mvt 1. Farandoulo de Chatouno for Alto and First Concertino for Tenor.

Could you guys give me some general suggestions regarding auditioning with these two pieces? I'm currently trying to track down some more recordings of the First Concertino on Tenor.

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Cool I also have auditions coming up. I liked your sound, nice and mellow. Two things that jumped out at me was that you the tempo seemed to be unsteady in some places like after a difficult technical bar or after you took a breath in certain spots. Fixing up the technique is the easier part (just slowing it down a bit and working it better into your fingers), but getting quick breaths without timeskips is hard. I also think you can add more dynamic contrast.
1 - 1 of 7 Posts
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