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26m or 6m???

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i recently played a conn 26m alto, mostly delacquered, with a new yoek style neck and microtuner, it is the best sax i have ever played so far, it beats all the mkVIs i have played, but it is £2,200, considering that i can get a Conn 6m for about £600 with almost identical feel and key layout and microtuner, which should i go for if i eventually buy,

is the 26m £1,500 worth better than a 6M (VIII)?

any opinions are much appreciated

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You have to take this on a horn by horn basis. I've played some 10M/6Ms that blew many examples of their 30M/26M brethren out of the water. However, my best playing Conn overall is indeed a fantastic 30M that I discovered after many trials and tribulations, and wouldn't part with it for the world.

If you are serious enough, and totally in love with the 26M example that you are considering, only you can say if it is worth the money.

I will suggest that you not assume that another, comparable 26M/6M is just going to fall into your hands to equal the one you like, if this is indeed THE horn for you.
I own a 26M and a 30M. To me, thery are the best 6M and 10M's that money could by.
A 26m is not 4 times better then a 6m but may be the horn for you!! Also , if you can , try a buescher big B/ 140 out
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