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24hrs with my soprano

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Man this thing is something else! As some of you already know from my other post, I put on order a sweet yas-82z in black laquer and rented a jupiter student soprano. I played it for a few hours and man is this thing hard. I thought I was bad ***** and tried to play it like I played my alto......but no way. I was squeaking, my fingers weren't used to the smaller instrument and my intonation is WAY OFF!! Everytime I hold a note it's almost as if my breath is shaking, the pitch goes up and down continously and I can't control it any.

Also, and not to say that I should sound anything like Kenny G, but the overall sound of the horn sounds extremely different from what Kenny G's and other sopranos I have heard. I know I know soprano saxophonists have their own sound, but when I play my soprano you couldn't even tell I was playng the same instrument as them. My sound is so "whiny", for lack of a better word.

I guess it's time to practice.

Any thoughts?
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Yes I am using the mouthpiece that came with the horn. The reed is a rico 2. Will the mouthpiece really matter a lot? I mean when I first started on my Bundy II alto I was using the mouthpiece it came with and it wasn't THAT bad, it was a fine until I started to improve my skill and required something more advanced. I figured since I'm just starting on soprano that this mouthpiece would be ok until I got good at it.
Sorry for the confusion, I'm playing the jupiter and the BundyII, the Yamaha is on it's way and it should be here at the end of next week.

Here's the breakdown.

Right now I have an Alto Bundy II, right now I have a Soprano Jupiter student model......

I ordered me an Alto YAS-82Z that I will use to replace my Bundy II, but not till I receive it next week. The Jupiter soprano is staying as this is the horn I'm trying to learn soprano on.
Thanks Haku, I noticed that the soprano came wit a single Vandoren V16 2 1/2 which I play with and made a BIG difference, but a little stronger wouldn't hurt neither. Curious, why would I want a mouthpiece with no bafle on a soprano? In my alto I prefer a mouthpiece with baffle as oppose to chamber. Can you explain?

Jazzsax my jupiter model is the 547 too, I think your right about the learning curve. It's just a little frustrating since I can get around the alto so well, and I thought since the soprano had the same fingerings as the alto it wouldn't be too hard. I'm gonna put in a couple of weeks of solid practice and see what it does for me before I start messin with mouthpieces and ligatures, although I'm already messing with reeds. Like Saxy says I'm gonna keep practicing, that's how I got good with the alto that's the way i'll get good with the sop.

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