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24hrs with my soprano

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Man this thing is something else! As some of you already know from my other post, I put on order a sweet yas-82z in black laquer and rented a jupiter student soprano. I played it for a few hours and man is this thing hard. I thought I was bad ***** and tried to play it like I played my alto......but no way. I was squeaking, my fingers weren't used to the smaller instrument and my intonation is WAY OFF!! Everytime I hold a note it's almost as if my breath is shaking, the pitch goes up and down continously and I can't control it any.

Also, and not to say that I should sound anything like Kenny G, but the overall sound of the horn sounds extremely different from what Kenny G's and other sopranos I have heard. I know I know soprano saxophonists have their own sound, but when I play my soprano you couldn't even tell I was playng the same instrument as them. My sound is so "whiny", for lack of a better word.

I guess it's time to practice.

Any thoughts?
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When I first started the saxophone, my teacher advised me to start with the soprano, for he stated that,"if I mastered the soprano, I can play any saxophone."

His words rung clear when I bought an alto saxophone last week. When I first blew into the alto, I was surprised by how easy it was. Within an hour or two, I was already used to the alto's setup. All I really need now is a decent mouthpiece to perform live.

Yes, as everyone have already stated, keep practicing, for "practice makes perfect."
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