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24hrs with my soprano

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Man this thing is something else! As some of you already know from my other post, I put on order a sweet yas-82z in black laquer and rented a jupiter student soprano. I played it for a few hours and man is this thing hard. I thought I was bad ***** and tried to play it like I played my alto......but no way. I was squeaking, my fingers weren't used to the smaller instrument and my intonation is WAY OFF!! Everytime I hold a note it's almost as if my breath is shaking, the pitch goes up and down continously and I can't control it any.

Also, and not to say that I should sound anything like Kenny G, but the overall sound of the horn sounds extremely different from what Kenny G's and other sopranos I have heard. I know I know soprano saxophonists have their own sound, but when I play my soprano you couldn't even tell I was playng the same instrument as them. My sound is so "whiny", for lack of a better word.

I guess it's time to practice.

Any thoughts?
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Make sure that you use the same embouchure and horn angle for sop as for your other horns. Still blow 'warm' air, and fill up the horn. Take plenty of mouthpiece, especially on sop. I would go up in reed strength. A 2 rico is pretty soft. Maybe try a RJS 2M or 2H.

I also recommend no baffle mouthpieces and a closer tip than used on other saxes. For example, on tenor I'm playing a .125 (about a 9 or 9*), while on sop I'm playing a barone 6 tip.
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