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Hello everyone,

One of my good customers, who happens to be a great player and friend,
is purchasing repair kits and selling them in the EU.
The Repair kits he is selling are 220v and exactly the same as the
repair kits being sold in the US by Of course, those
of you that prefer to purchase repair kits directly from us are
welcome to do so. However, if you are starting out in repairs and only
need a repair kit you can save some time and shipping and customs
costs by purchasing them on Ebay from Chris.

If you want information on how to contact Chris directly, you can
Email me. Or search Ebay for "Sax repair Kit," "Flute Repair Kit" or
"Clarinet Repair kit."

One such auction that is running now is Ebay item number:

Thanks for looking and good luck with your repairs!
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