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Hi guys,
I hope everyone is doing OK and staying safe!

Because of how things are, I am having tons of pieces made weekly. I am having my refacer work as hard as he can for me, so I can to keep these available without any glitches for all of my dealers and all of my individual sales.

I am putting posts up all over the Internet so grab your size and model if it's here.

I have this bunch that are coming in today.

All of these are tenors.

ROBUSTO: Full-bodied fat sound with a nice punch and lots of volume available, ala Gene Ammons.

SHOWTIME: Big sound with more focus and brights, compared to the Robusto. It is also designed to be more free blowing.

CHAMELEON: Powerhouse roll over baffle Mpc. Huge sound with more power and punch than both models above.

All are expertly hand finished, ORIGINAL designs.
Otto Link, Selmer, Meyer, Brilhart, Dukoff, and Berg Larsen, (The big 6 of yesteryear, as I refer to them on my website), NEVER made pieces like these. They all did a wonderful job of putting out their own original designs, and I'm all about that.
I am VERY proud to offer fresh, original designs to players today.
Come and see what all the talk is about.

1. Robusto 6* hr--.095

2. Robusto 7 hr--.100

3. Robusto 7 orange Ultem

4. Robusto 7* hr--.105

5. Robusto 7* orange Ultem

6. Robusto 7** hr--.108

7. Robusto 7** hr

8. Robusto 7** orange Ultem

9. Showtime 6* hr

10. Showtime 7 orange Ultem

11. Showtime 7* hr

12. Showtime 7* orange Ultem

13. Showtime 7* orange Ultem

14. Showtime 7** orange Ultem

15. Showtime 7** orange Ultem

16. Chameleon 7* hr

17. Chameleon 7* hr

18. Chameleon 7** hr

19. Chameleon 7** hr

20. Chameleon 8* hr

Selling from Florida.
$385 each with free shipping in the U.S.

Email me at: [email protected]
1 - 12 of 12 Posts
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