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2 pieces and ligature question

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I have a situation with 2 mouthpieces…
I never bothered to experiment with mouthpieces…
For last 15 years I used Berg Larsen 95 2 SMS that was comfortable. I didn’t use for last 20 years Dukoff one…
The story is that last time the cork on the neck was changed it was made for Larsen and it was to0 “thick” for Dukoff.
So was no way even to try again Dukoff… For the last couple of months, the cork on the neck became too loose, so for my daily practice I just put some paper around the cork…
With all the current story I didn’t plan to go to the shop…
Don’t know why I just thought about my Dukoff that was lying down somewhere on the shelf…
For my surprise it’s now perfectly sits on the neck… I started to check it out by using couple of reads.
So interesting… it’s like astronomy… more scientists know about the universe, more they become persuaded that they know just a tip of the iceberg. I will just readjust some used reads and will prepare couple of new for Dukoff.
After watching some vids here about 10fman I thought maybe it is the time for checking out new mpc. But again, with all what is going on now it is not the best time.
I cleaned up my Dukoff D7 from old pads (one was thin and on top “eaten” thick one. It looks like new now. And I think for my “level” 😊 it will be fun to experiment with a “new” (I used it from 1990 to 1995) piece.
For the last 3-4 years I stopped using pads and just developed not “biting” embouchure. On Berg no traces of teeth, so I am not afraid that I will “damage” Dukoff.

The question that I want to ask is about ligature… I think the one that I have for Dukoff is simply sh… no brand name or other characters…
I have a bad feeling about it… the Berg’s ligature doesn’t feet for Dukoff. Can you recommend one… Not highly expensive please 😊.
Also, wanted to ask why Dukoff initially could not be placed on the neck with cork made for Berg… I thought that all alto mouthpieces should be universal.


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no two mouthpieces have the same shaft size, in any size of saxophones, cork is still used precisely for that reason because it can accommodate different sizes and , if not, being filed to size.

The ligature you have on the right is a ligature that comes form Gemany/Bohemia was used on many saxophones, I don't think it is original to you mouthpiece and actually is rather sought after by some people.

The arcives have , I think , the answer to yor question about the ligature
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If you mean that you don’t have to “ worry” ( be quiet?) about the ligature , yes, nothing to worry about, as long as it fits. Those ligatures were used on a number of mouthpieces like Wagner which fitted Keilwerth or many other brands.

I also have a Clarinet version. They are, good ligatures ( and in my book most ligatures perform well on most mouthpieces provided they fit well and keep the reed from moving or rotating.
well, I don’t adjust the mouthpiece “ on the fly” ( especially if it fits tightly) because that is guaranteed to displace or even break the reed ( done that too).

I always fit the reed on the mouthpiece immediately after I have put it together with the neck ( sparate from the body).

Carefully slide it in and then adjust and tighten the ligature. In this way I don’t risk breaking anything and less than anything to bend the neck by putting the mouthpiece on it after the neck is inserted on the body.
No there is not a compulsory way to proceed ( and I occasionally do it differently) but anything that puts pressure on the neck is a potential reason why there are so many pull downs .

Your system won’t pull he neck down but still I prefer mine ( yes you summarized it correctly).
well, the typical thing to adjust the thickness of the cork to a wider mouthpiece is teflon plumber’s tape
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