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2 Incredible CD sets -Battle of the SAXES

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No YouTube link here - Old School style appreciation alert!!

I recently picked up 2 CD sets that are so good I have to tell about them. They are 2004 german releases called 'Battle of the SAXES' that include any and all the top sax players. What an education! Each set is 4 CDs with approx 300-minutes, so between the two, I've got 10 hours of sax history and styles. Vol 1 slants more towards tenors and Vol 2 features more altos. The 20 pages of liner notes offer brief bios on each player rather than info on the selections. One artist who shows up three times on Vol. 1 is Lucky Thompson - I was not familiar with him, but love his sound. Liner notes say that he was one of the great tenor players of the 40s, but became disillusioned with the jazz scene in the 70s and left the music scene completely. I'll be buying more of his recordings for sure.
I feel lucky myself to have bought these on ebay from 'Scott's CDs' brand new for $10 each from the ebay store is 'SBG's 1Cent cds'. I have no connection with the seller, but wanted to share this listening treasure.
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Great find. Speaking of finding, I couldn't locate the seller or his store on eBay. Do you have a link to the auction where you bought the CDs?
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