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1975 "Evette Schaeffer" Tenor Saxophone

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So I recently bought a saxophone.... from *Gasp* 1975!!!!
It sounds awesome!!! But the other day a post fell off of it and now I am going to go and get it soldered back on...
So since I am doing that I thought "hey, I wonder what else I can do"
It seems like there is rust everywhere!
But it kinda looks like someone painted it on.
SO what should I do to remove it?
Just give me any tips on what I should do.
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That is corrosion and it looks to be forming kind of a cool patina. I would leave it alone. Or next time you have the horn overhauled you could have someone remove it and possibly relacquer the horn. If you search the forum you can find lots of into on how it's done (and whether or not it's a good idea for you).
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