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relatively recent 50s 12M owner here, and coming from a 70s? Keilwerth King Tempo stencil.

A couple of things right away. The "arrowhead" octave key is stupid...the tips of the arrowhead are too easy to touch and cause problems. The answer to that is a buildup around the octave key with epoxy or let you come farther away from it AND get some comfort. something like this: Musical instrument Bicycle part Rim Motor vehicle Bumper
this is NOT a 12m but you get the idea. All of these small button style octaves can hurt older thumbs after a short while.

Then the G pearl is so low that you can easily tap the high F key!?!; I did a build up on the G pearl which helped alot.

I find the keywork to be "OK"...but the sound is so great, you have to just say "oh well..." ! esp for R n B. I don't find the weight much of a problem but I use a one shoulder sling thing that I made; can't imagine going to a standard neck strap, and don't like the whole harness thing..
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