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1955 Selmer MK6

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I just got a sax as per the title. I've been told it is a Tenor. The serial is 622xx and from what I have gathered it is a 1955 made in Paris. I see lacquer is a big subject and I would sat it is about 50 to 60% good. There is some splattering of a corrosive substance that can be seen on the back of the bell. There is a couple of small dings and a bracket seems to have been soldered back on.
I m a guitar collector and dont need the horn so whats it worth and anyone got a vintage Fender or Gibson to swop.

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Yes it has the neck, 3 mouthpieces, a bag of reeds, old pads and a porcupine on a string.
Sorry but vintage is older than me and I'm 46. The swop maybe stupid also as I'm in Johannesburg. Didn't think that one through.
How do I tell if it's relaquered.
Was I talking to myself? [rolleyes]
No. I took note but there must be more definative ways to tell if you have the piece in your hands. I won't be upset if it is a relaquer as it is what it is.
Now I've got it back from a mate I've had a good look and it is definately relaquered. I think it's what we call, in the guitar circles, an overspray. There are defined fingerprints and the soldered bracket has laquer over the solder however the engravings have not been rubbed out anywere that I can see. I would say that only the front bit of the horn was done maybe when the solder was applied but hey, it's a respray.
Now I need to find someone who can play as I can only do "the wet cat" with it but my kids loved it.
Here is the other bits.
One mouthpiece is a Yamaha and the other says Tone King.

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Sorry but the swop was an ill thought out idea as I'm in South Africa. Probably better to sell the horn outright. I'm still looking for someone to play it so I know if it needs any mechanical attention.
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