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1955 Selmer MK6

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I just got a sax as per the title. I've been told it is a Tenor. The serial is 622xx and from what I have gathered it is a 1955 made in Paris. I see lacquer is a big subject and I would sat it is about 50 to 60% good. There is some splattering of a corrosive substance that can be seen on the back of the bell. There is a couple of small dings and a bracket seems to have been soldered back on.
I m a guitar collector and dont need the horn so whats it worth and anyone got a vintage Fender or Gibson to swop.

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This is a really nice sax. Worth upwards of $5000. Try listing it for sale here or go the ebay route for more hassle and possibly more money.
(assuming you have the neck and it's in good shape as well)
1 - 2 of 33 Posts
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