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Just for kicks, I bought a 1930's repair guide off ebay:

I stuck the seller's pictures up on my photobucket site here, for posterity: Guide/

I enjoyed reading it when it arrived today. Some fun tidbits:

Mouthpieces ranged from $5 (soprano) to $8 (baritone), and had three lay options 2 (medium), 3 (medium open) and 4 (open). For $1 you could get "refacing mouthpiece -- specify lay." I wonder how common that was.

Even in this catalogue, there's evidence of premium pads being marketed. They sell replacement "ordinary type" pads for $2.50 a set, or "Martin Neverleek Pads" that are "Special waterproof tan ... long-lasting ... with a center rivet which prevents bulging" for $5 / set (twice as much!).

Overhauls were available for sopranos- tenors for $15, baritones for $17.50, and bass horns for $20. A relac would be an extra $10.

Anyway, just thought folks would appreciate the free peek / info. The paper itself is in rather poor condition, but I had fun learning.
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