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1928 Conn Alto

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I ran into someone locally who owns a 1928 Conn Alto # 218488. The original case is in rough shape, a new one would be needed. I am going to play the horn tomorrow. If it hasn't been played in a while I would assume it will need pads/overhaul. The gentleman is asking $700.

I have been reading about the evolution of the conns on-line. Is this a decent horn to buy? I'm figuring if it needs an overhaul, spending $700 on it (plus overhaul/pads) would make the horn more than it is worth. As a side note, I would use this horn in college.

I have a local repair tech who could take a look at it if the gentleman will let me take the horn to him first. I'm hoping to spend about $200-300 on the horn plus pads/overhaul. Does this seem fair?

These are the official markings from his e-mail, I'll try to follow with some pictures:

patented dec 1914

Thanks for the prompt response folks!
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The horn appears to be a New Wonder series II. Some people call it a Chu Berry, but Leon "Chu" Berry who used this model exclusively played tenor. It is a very good horn, and 700 + 500 (aprox) for an overhaul would not be a bad investment. There are several things to consider though.

-If you pay enough attention to Ebay, you will find the exact or similiar model in good playing condition for around $500. Please keep in mind that good playing examples in this price range are becoming extremely difficult to find. You REALLY have to know what you are looking for if you're shopping vintage on Ebay as well.

-In your post you've stated that you were using this horn for college. Are you planning on using this horn for more recreational use (marching bands, pep bands, ect.) or are you majoring in saxophone? This horn would be ideal for recreational or private use. If you plan on studying the saxophone you should be advised that some schools require the use of a modern horn. Other schools will even require a particular model of saxophone. I find this act ridiculous, but if those are the rules of the gig, then you'd be wise to abide by them.
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