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1928 Conn Alto

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I ran into someone locally who owns a 1928 Conn Alto # 218488. The original case is in rough shape, a new one would be needed. I am going to play the horn tomorrow. If it hasn't been played in a while I would assume it will need pads/overhaul. The gentleman is asking $700.

I have been reading about the evolution of the conns on-line. Is this a decent horn to buy? I'm figuring if it needs an overhaul, spending $700 on it (plus overhaul/pads) would make the horn more than it is worth. As a side note, I would use this horn in college.

I have a local repair tech who could take a look at it if the gentleman will let me take the horn to him first. I'm hoping to spend about $200-300 on the horn plus pads/overhaul. Does this seem fair?

These are the official markings from his e-mail, I'll try to follow with some pictures:

patented dec 1914

Thanks for the prompt response folks!
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1928 Conn pics

I attached some pictures from the gentleman's e-mail.
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