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Hi guys

I 've mostly finished restoration of my Buescher 1919 C melody (actually it really only needed a re-pad and a cleanup), but there is one problem that remains.

It seems the octave key often 'sticks shut'. Due to friction of the levers etc in the region shown in these photos:[email protected]/

It's pretty clean so not due to crud in the area. It may be a case of tweaking the right spring.

Is this a common problem with this horn and if so what is the usual remedy?

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All those old octave systems get sticky. Use fine emery cloth or steel wool on the sliding metal or cork surfaces to remove any unseen roughness, oil the joints, put a bit of cork grease on the sliding corks, and lastly, try lessening or increasing spring tensions VERY slowly, as a tiny diffence in tension makes a big difference in performance. Study the system carefully before you move springs. Once its set, it will perform for years before any more adjustments are needed. Good Luck !!
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