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VENDOR "Innovation over imitation"
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Great Prices!

1. West Coast Sax MOAM 110 gold plated model tenor. Comes with the original packaging. There was a bur on the table when it came back from plating, so Matt refaced the table section so that it would be flat. —$375!

2. West Coast Sax MOFO ll .115 rhodium tenor with the original packaging. One scratch on the table. —$375!

3. Saxscape Downtown MB 1 model tenor mouthpiece refaced by mojo to .112. This is black with the red Saxscape logo.—-$125

4. Brilhart Tonalin Tenor. Brand new OLD STOCK in its original packaging! Good luck ever seeing brand new mouthpieces from 50 years ago with their orig packaging.
This is a .082 tip. —-$299

5. Rare 1960’s Selmer Magnitone hr alto. These are like a Soloist with a round chamber. .071 tip opening. —$265

6. Brihart Personaline tenor mouthpiece .080—$185

7. Jody Jazz hr 7* tenor—$99!!!

8. Berg Larsen hr alto .078—$140

9. Brilhart Tonalin Tenor .080—$140

10. Otto Link 80’s hr 7* tenor. Nice old look to it. —$99!!!

11. Rare Tenor Madness hr PROTOTYPE TMEB tenor mpc .110 tip signed by Jimmy Jensen.—$250

12. Greg Osby hr alto brand new. .090 tip opening—$250!

13. Riffault vintage hard rubber tenor refaced to an 8 tip opening by the great Joe Giardullo at soprano planet. This plays like a killer Selmer Soloist.—-$195

14. 10mfan Merlot 8* tenor—-$299!

15. Otto Link Florida STM Alto original 10—-$395!

16. 10mfan Daddy-O 6 Alto —$375

17. Otto Link EARLY BABBITT hr alto 5 in mint condition.---$350

*** No Trades ***

Selling from Florida.

Email me at: [email protected]

VENDOR "Innovation over imitation"
16,213 Posts
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I’ll take $25 off of each of the remaining pieces.
Players should be enjoying these.
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