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I hope everyone is doing ok. Very scary times for us all, so please make sure you take care of yourselves and your families.

Here are some INCREDIBLE Showtime hr tenor mouthpieces just completed, that are available to send out today.

These mouthpieces are very special and have a huge, focussed, powerful, full, and clear sound with some brights and a beautiful freedom to the blow. Incredibly efficient mouthpiece with GREAT CLARITY. It can be used for straightahead or any setting where you need lots of power and volume. I have sold vintage pieces for over 30 years, and theres nothing out there like these Showtimes....nothing!

1. Showtime HR 6*--- .095

2. Showtime HR 6*--- .095

3. Showtime HR 7*--- .105

4. Showtime HR 7*

5. Showtime HR 7*

6. Showtime HR 7**--- .108

7. Showtime HR 7**

8. Showtime HR 7**

9. Showtime 7** --- orange ultem!

10. Showtime 7** --- orange ultem!

11. Showtime 7** --- orange ultem!

Selling from Florida for only $385 each.
Hand finished mouthpiece masterpieces!

Email me at: [email protected]
1 - 10 of 10 Posts
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