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Hi guys,
I hope everyone is doing ok, out there.

Heres a little sax music to help lift you up. This is my friend Anthony Church on his 10MFAN Chameleon 7* tenor mpc.

Here are a couple new clips along with the blues clip that I love from Anthony. Its a full-bodied powerhouse hard rubber piece that can easily be tamed for straight ahead stuff, smooth jazz, ballad stuff, etc...

Enjoy and please STAY SAFE!!!

Ed Sheerans "Perfect":

Robert Johnsons "Sweet Home Chicago" blues:

John Legends "Love Me Now":

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All those clips sound great:). I've had mine for about 3 weeks now, and have exclusively played it ever since. This piece reminds me of the piece I played in college and the first few years of my time in the US Navy, an Ernie Northway custom made tenor piece that I still miss to this day. Well, now I feel like I've found it again, and it's spirit lives in my 10mfan Chameleon. Everything about it fits me just right, every moment spent playing it is a pleasure!
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