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Hi guys,
I hope everyone is healthy and staying safe.

For me, THIS is the alto piece that the vintage MEYER Bros medium chamber and vintage Slant LINK larger chamber guys have been hoping for. Its all about the sound. Slightly scooped out sidewalls, my first alto rollover baffle, full-bodied sound with warmth and punch ala Richie Cole, with a nice big deep chamber that I would say is somewhere in size between those 2.

Here is Dave Pollack showing what the mpc sounds like. Dave has made the move off his Meyer and is loving this piece.

These pieces I am offering here today are all German bar stock hard rubber. The name of the piece is to honor one of my favorite saxophonists and musical inspirations who recently passed away; Mr Richie Cole. I bet he would have absolutely LOVED this mouthpiece.

1. ALTO MADNESS 5---.072
2. ALTO MADNESS 5---.072
3. ALTO MADNESS 5---.072
4. ALTO MADNESS 6---.078
5. ALTO MADNESS 6---.078
6. ALTO MADNESS 6---.078
7. ALTO MADNESS 7---.O84
8. ALTO MADNESS 7---.O84
9. ALTO MADNESS 7---.084
10. ALTO MADNESS 8--.090

Please listen to all 3 clips and you'll see what this piece is all about:

Only $365 each plus shipping from Florida.
I am VERY proud to make world-class original design, hand finished mouthpieces available and affordable for players today.

Email me at: [email protected]
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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