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0 chamber berg

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Things never work out how you expect do they? I've been playing a 2 chamber berg for a while now, really like it but I always fancied playing something with more edge. So this zero chamber berg came up on ebay, £100, nobody bidding on it so I got it.

Put it on and started playing, and yes, it has that edge, the pink panther sound great, but the more I played it the more I came to feel that I lost more than I gained. It just didnt' have the versatility of my 2 chamber.

I could make the 2 chamber berg sound like the zero, but you can't make the zero chamber sound like the 2. You have what you have and that's it.

Also, I had my teacher play them and I was really surpised in the lack of body from the zero chamber. Yeah it had edge, but all the richness and projection had gone. I definitely lost more than I gained.

Well, it was worth the experiment, but I think I've satisfied my curiosity re mouthpiece experiments now...until the next one comes along that is :)
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When I was 15 my professor decided that it was time for me to get a pro mouthpiece for alto and he recommended a Berg 90.0. I played that for a couple of years until I stopped playing the sax. Couple of years ago I started playing again and I am unable to play using that mouthpiece anymore. Haven't really tried any other Bergs.
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