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‘Hey Boo’ (Euge Groove) with video

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Here's another attempt to video myself playing a track. In comparison to the standard of other videos by you guys on here this would struggle to make it into the amateur 4th division. But there it is in all its relegated glory.

This is my version of Euge Groove's 'Hey Boo' another fabulous track from Steve that I've attempted to add my thing to.

Thanks for listening (and watching) if you have time. Much appreciated as always. Alex
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Great Stuff Alex! I really do love your sound over these tracks! Really some fantastic backing tracks, but you compliment them so well! The video is great, shows just what it needs - Skillfully played saxophone!

I'm always intrigued at the setup and settings people use going into these. I've never been able to find the right reverb settings to achieve this type of sound in a recording. I'm just about to get ready to try out a new DAW (Reaper) and see if I can be more successful in that then Audacity. Seems that you've got the video/sound syncing figured out though!

I'll happily keep listening as you post more content, thanks Alex!
1 - 1 of 3 Posts
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