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  1. Manufacturing/ Construction
    Hi, This it's not about saxophones, but i's still very awesome and inspiring for any instrument designer I believe. Last week the lady fortune felt extra kind and made it so that the agenda's of Christian, Teus and myself lined up perfectly, allowing us to spend a day at the Adams family (pun...
  2. YouTube videos
    Hi all :) I've been producing interviews with up-and-coming and also well established young jazz cat's from all over. The series is growing fast and very useful and educative. I try to keep the interviews more like an open conversation than an interview and we discuss technique as well as...
  3. Announcements and Bulletin Board
    For the Amsterdammers on the forum :) Saturday the 24th of August I'm hosting a Zero2jazz Sesssion in the North Sea Jazz Club in Amsterdam. Come and jam with us :) Event Facebook page Official website: All the best, FJ
  4. Practicing
    Hi I'm launching a new websiite, dedicated to teaching and promoting jazz and other live/creative music. The idea is to create sort of an "MTV" for Jazz, but online, completely FREE and with a real educational component at it's core. The Zero2Jazz mission is straight forward: Inspire and...
1-4 of 5 Results