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  1. King (HN White)
    i would need to have a repad on my king zephyr alto ~1960. it still has the original pads i believe and these have flat metal resonators. from what i read up on the forum, no resonators would make up for darker sound (perhaps a good effect for a king that is on the brighter side of tone...
  2. King (HN White)
    hi i have a 369K tenor king zephyr. The neck has several dents and i was considering a replacement neck. it is a double socket neck. what are the options pls to find a replacement (old or new) and where could i get one pls? any help or hint is greatly appreciated Luc
  3. King (HN White)
    Are there Zephyr players here on the forum who have modified the left hand table of their horn? If so, what did you do? And, by whom was this work done? To add a bit of precision, I play a 1940’ version of the Zephyr. Thanks
  4. King (HN White)
    I recently pick up a 1938 King Zephyr Alto, in brass. The key work appears to be silver /silver plate since it shows some black tarnishing. It has a double tenon type neck in brass and triple strap hook. Any info on this model? It seems to be an intermediate version between the all lacquer...
  5. King (HN White)
    I have a Zephyr alto 320xxx that has a few quirks that I am wondering about. 1. It has U.S. engraved on the bell (I know it's a former military horn, but this might help explain the other quirks) 2. The neck and body serial numbers don't match (off by 37 numbers) 3. It has no triangular clothes...
  6. Pads and Resonators
    I am a proud player of a series IIIc Zephyr alto (298xxx) that a friend insists upon overhauling for me. He thinks I should repad w/ Conn flat resos on Precision pads. While the core is solid, I find it doesn't play as dark as some S20's and other Zephyrs, yet sings w/ power, if a bit...
1-6 of 42 Results