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  1. King (HN White)
    hi i have a 369K tenor king zephyr. The neck has several dents and i was considering a replacement neck. it is a double socket neck. what are the options pls to find a replacement (old or new) and where could i get one pls? any help or hint is greatly appreciated Luc
  2. King (HN White)
    Are there Zephyr players here on the forum who have modified the left hand table of their horn? If so, what did you do? And, by whom was this work done? To add a bit of precision, I play a 1940’ version of the Zephyr. Thanks
  3. King (HN White)
    I recently pick up a 1938 King Zephyr Alto, in brass. The key work appears to be silver /silver plate since it shows some black tarnishing. It has a double tenon type neck in brass and triple strap hook. Any info on this model? It seems to be an intermediate version between the all lacquer...
  4. King (HN White)
    I have a Zephyr alto 320xxx that has a few quirks that I am wondering about. 1. It has U.S. engraved on the bell (I know it's a former military horn, but this might help explain the other quirks) 2. The neck and body serial numbers don't match (off by 37 numbers) 3. It has no triangular clothes...
  5. Pads and Resonators
    I am a proud player of a series IIIc Zephyr alto (298xxx) that a friend insists upon overhauling for me. He thinks I should repad w/ Conn flat resos on Precision pads. While the core is solid, I find it doesn't play as dark as some S20's and other Zephyrs, yet sings w/ power, if a bit...
  6. King (HN White)
    Are the right hand keywork/ergos on the King Zephyr the same as on the King Cleveland? I had a '60s King Cleveland, and really liked the sound, but I have smallish hands, and I found the right hand key spacing a bit spread out for me, making it hard for me to finger quickly. I am wondering...
  7. King (HN White)
    Dear vintage specialists I got a very nice Volltrue 2, it's in a perfect shape, but intonation is pretty bad. I tried out several mouthpieces. Intonation was much better with a "Rico Royal B5". Unfortunately this cheap mp sounds really cheap. Do you know an alternative to the"Rico Royal B5"? Do...
  8. Cases
    I've been searching for a few years for a case to fit my 1938 silver King Zephyr tenor (216,xxx). If anyone has any leads, I would GREATLY appreciate it! The modern case it came in is much too tight a fit, and can potentially damage the sax when closed! Thank you very much. Michael
  9. King (HN White)
    I'm on the verge of purchasing a 1955 (354,XXX) era King Zephyr but it's missing the triangular pants guard. The seller tells me that many professionals purposefully remove the pants guard on the zephyr and super 20 because it gets in the way. I did notice another similar vintage zephyr tenor...
  10. King (HN White)
    Basically What it says above. If so, what years were and were not?
  11. King (HN White)
    Hi community, Since yesterday I own a Bari King Zephyr. Serial 385188. It is lacquered and the engraving is King Zephyr Made by The H.N.White Co Cleveland Ohio Does anyone knows anything about these horns? How can I know more such as year of manufacturing and actual value if I want to sell...