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  1. Advice on Buying or Selling a Saxophone
    Hello - I just joined the forum and searched a bit for information on this student line model. I'm 49, and a trumpet player, but am wanting to switch things up and learn the tenor. I've been renting for a bit, and teaching myself. My current model is a YTS-200ADII. I've also been borrowing a...
  2. Yamaha
    Hey, How does the YTS 52 compare to the 23? Is the 52 much better? Is it a substantial upgrade and is $1000 a good price for the yts 52?
  3. Yamaha
    I am wondering how much my YTS 23 tenor Sax is worth. It is probably around 7 years old. In mint condition no scratches or anything! Please see attached pictures to help me judge how much my horn is worth. Thanks :)
  4. Tenor mpc
    HI , I play on a Yts-23 and am looking for a metal-mouthpice and if at all possible under $100 , i mainly play swing, music (in a jazz band) i do a lot of solo's to if that helps, if thier is not one for under a 100 but you think it's a "must" please post that to thanks,:treble::?:?:?:?:?:?
  5. Yamaha
    Ok, I used to have a YTS-61 that I loved until I came across my VI (see sig.). It was a great horn and would still be my backup had I not had to get rid of it to get my VI. Anyways, after having the 61, I decided I wanted another Yamaha to take the back-up role of performing in pep band and...
1-5 of 8 Results