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  1. Eb Baritone
    This post has been edited to remove the information that was previously here in the interest of privacy.
  2. Eb Baritone
    Anyone know why the 82 is around $2,700 more than the 62II? What are you getting for the additional $?
  3. Eb Baritone
    I have aspirations to own a silver plated one. I’m waiting to hear more about them and see people play And try to play one myself. Obviously, save some money for one too! Any comments on them? I was looking at a Selmer 80 SA II Jubilee too but the 1 year warranty kind of rubs me the wrong way vs...
  4. Eb Baritone
    Looks like the YBS-82 is finally being released and shipped out after a long delay (thanks COVID.) Am I the only person insane enough to even attempt to buy one of these? I sold my YBS-52 about a year and a half ago to get some money and I plan on finishing my performance degree either this...
1-4 of 4 Results