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yas 62
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  1. Yamaha
    Hi is this new Yamaha neck in 62 purple logo fashion or old stock, or some fake stuff ? can anybody put some light on iz...
  2. Misc. Saxophone Discussion
    Overall what is a better horn. The Yanagisawa A901 or the Yamaha 62. The YAS 62 is slightly more expensive new. Whereas Yanagisawa might be cheaper because they are just not as popular. Any thougths on these two horns?
  3. Yamaha
    I'm looking to buy a yas 62 this afternoon. I only know that it's a yas 62 (original, not the mark ii). I assume it will be easy to figure out roughly the year using the chart below. Are there any dud years for the yas 62? Are there any exceptional or valuable years for the yas 62? Any clue...
  4. Yamaha
    I have a choice to either buy a new yas 62II or a original yas 62. MI heard that the 62 is more flexible and it has better tone, ive heard that the yas 62II has some intonation problems , such as the notes being very sharp,( idk if it has to do with the defected neck problem). But I would like...
  5. Yamaha
    I am going to purchase a new professional alto saxophone for using at a University level but am still undecided on which one. I want a professional sax that is not outrageously priced. My two options are the Yamaha YAS-62 or the Jupiter 2069 XO Alto. I need some advice on which one would be...
1-5 of 10 Results