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  1. Necks
    would this combination work. I was curious because I have a chance to pick a 54 neck up for a reasonable price. I also may go with a Yamaha V1 neck. I've had this yas-62 mark 1 for a month or so and love it but would like to experiment some and the idea of the selmer neck sounds pretty...
  2. What to Buy & Why: Saxophones
    Hello This is my first post. I am a 32year old Jazz B3 Organist here, and a couple years now, I'm diving in the wonderful world of saxophones. I've always loved the sound of the tenor sax. I found a really good local teacher, bought myself a cheap but in good shape YTS-23 ( $300 ) , took it...
  3. Advice on Buying or Selling a Saxophone
    Hello! I am looking to upgrade my alto to a professional quality horn< rather than the student one I have at the moment. A band member is looking to sell her yas-62 (not the 62ii, the one before-not purple logo) She said that she will sell it to me for about £1000 / $1575. It is 10years old and...
  4. Yamaha
    I bought a new 62 its coming in Wednesday i cant wait! Thanks for all of the advice you guys, but what mouthpieces do you recommend , I heard premiers are good? and whats some good tips about the horn?
  5. Yamaha
    I have made a post similar to this one, but i am stuck badly inbetween buying a yas 82 and a yas 875 with black laquer. and its not about the money either, I just care about the tone and which one lasts longer and feels more comfortable. Post away your opinions!:)
  6. Sax vs. Sax, Mpc vs. Mpc, etc.
    I have heard many different opinions on this sax, i want to know yours because i dont know which one to buy. And is the 62 just as good? I would also like to know which has better intonation and which ones have better feel and last awhile, i appreciate your opinios!
1-6 of 11 Results