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  1. Advice on Buying or Selling a Saxophone
    I'm looking to buy a professional level soprano sax, for classical and jazz playing at music college and beyond, and wondered if anyone could give me some advice? I'm currently looking at these models... Yanigasawa SWO20 (Bronze) Yanigasawa S991 Selmer SA80 Series II Selmer Series III Playing...
  2. Advice on Buying or Selling a Saxophone
    I am selling a Yanigasawa made Vito Soprano Saxophone. I've had the horn for about 11 years and just don't play it often enough to keep it around. It still plays great and needs very little work, Best Musical in Oakland, CA says it needs a new octave pad, new cork, and the pads are slightly dry...
  3. Yanagisawa
    I am considering selling my Yanigasawa A9932Z Saxophone, nicknamed the Pete King model. It does have the gold-plating on the inside of the bell. I have no idea how much it would be worth now - could anyone help me out please? Thank you!
  4. Antigua Winds
    Supposedly, it's a copy of the Yani 992. I know the 992 is a phenomenal soprano, so I'm wondering if the Antigua can live up to the expectations. Does anyone have any experience with these horns, and if so, were your experiences great/horrible? These horns fit well in my price range, so I...
1-4 of 10 Results