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  1. Yamaha
    Hi guys, I got a new YAS 875-EX horn 5 months ago, and I've been playing it consistently since then. But I recently noticed some dark, brownish, spots around the bell joints, behind the pinkie palm keys and other areas. I made it a duty to use a swab (twice) and a polishing cloth after...
  2. Stolen Instruments, Music
    Hi, A friend of ours had this unlaquered Yamaha Custom Z tenor s/n C81607 stolen in Rochester, NY, last weekend, July 4, 2021 Thanks for any help you can lend in any way. Please PM me or just contact the local police directly if you see this horn. Steve
  3. Misc. Saxophone Discussion
    Hey all, happy to be back. I recently acquired a very old YBS-52 (dated before Yamaha took their serial numbers down, according to a Yamaha person I emailed) and it required a LOT of TLC. I'm currently working on it, but in my scrubbing I accidentally took off what was left of the Purple label...
  4. Misc. Saxophone Discussion
    I know this is nikkan saxophone, but there's no exact model name. imperial? tokyo? is there anyone know about this sax? ka
  5. Eb Baritone
    Anyone know why the 82 is around $2,700 more than the 62II? What are you getting for the additional $?
  6. Flute & Piccolo
    I just bought a piccolo (a YPC-62) and was looking at the Yamaha specs website and noticed there aren't any discernable differences between the models. What, if anything (if anyone knows) is the difference between these? (Edited title to say YPC-81, as the YPC-82 has a metal head.)
  7. Eb Baritone
    I have aspirations to own a silver plated one. I’m waiting to hear more about them and see people play And try to play one myself. Obviously, save some money for one too! Any comments on them? I was looking at a Selmer 80 SA II Jubilee too but the 1 year warranty kind of rubs me the wrong way vs...
  8. Eb Baritone
    Looks like the YBS-82 is finally being released and shipped out after a long delay (thanks COVID.) Am I the only person insane enough to even attempt to buy one of these? I sold my YBS-52 about a year and a half ago to get some money and I plan on finishing my performance degree either this...
  9. Advice on Buying or Selling a Saxophone
    Hey all- I just wanted to get the opinions of everyone on here that has played the Yamaha EX and Z series horns. I currently have a Yamaha YAS-875EXII alto that I love, but haven't gotten to compare it to a Z. I have the opportunity to buy a YTS-875EX at a FANTASTIC price, but was debating on...
  10. Yamaha
    Hi all! The title says it, for the most part. I am an experienced (30-year) bassist, and on alto I'm a middling beginner with a few hundred practice hours behind me, and up to now I've been playing on a Buescher TrueTone, ca. 1926-28 if I recall. I like the horn and its sound. But I certainly...
  11. Eb Alto
    Hi all, I have a great Yamaha YAS-21 that I currently use for my college marching band. A while back, the little nub that connects the side-C key to the key joint snapped off and, since the YAS-21 was such an early model, parts are few and far between. I previously posted on this forum to...
  12. Yamaha
    Hi all, I am in the market for a tenor saxophone after a long break (too long!) from the horn. A reputable dealer in my area has three horns that are within my budget and that interest me. I'm pretty sure that I could make an appointment to try them out (they're just an hour from my home), but...
  13. Eb Alto
    I recently emailed Yamaha Customer Service to inquire about pad sizes for my YAS-21 horn and they emailed me the chart below. I am confused, however, about the pad size that I should select for the pad I need to replace (side C), since there are two sizes listed under YAS-21: 24.3 mm and 24.0...
1-13 of 350 Results