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yamaha custom z
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  1. Buescher
    I have a Buescher 400 tenor from 1967 that I like more and more as I get better. But due to the difficult LH pinky stretch on the table keys I've been wanting to try a horn reputed to have top ergonomics. So I tried a brand new Yamaha 82Z custom which was the best horn my Seattle area shop...
  2. Selmer (Paris)
    Just picked up a mint SA 80 off of craigslist and I can't put the horn down. Been playing a Conn 10M with RTH for a while and have played many Yamaha's Mark VI's and others. The Selmer is solid, feels and sounds great! Just curious why these seem to get a luke warm reputation. Maybe it's because...
1-2 of 3 Results