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  1. C Melody Soprano, Contralto & Tenor
    Here is my 1919 Wurlitzer (Buescher stencil) C melody. I disassembled it and polished it all up. Took it to Saul Yanez to overhaul it. Had it done with black roo pads and black felts. It goes real nice with my 1928/29 Buescher alto.
  2. Buescher
    I just scored a great-looking 20s Wurlitzer bari for $200 and I'm going to pick it up on Saturday. I'm pretty sure given the arched s/n engraving, pearl G# & arrangement of the LH pinky cluster, and positioning of the alt F# that this is a Buescher stencil but would love to get the opinions of...
  3. Conn
    Hi all, For a year or two, I own a curved soprano. The engraving reads Rudolph Wurlitzer and the serial number is P3084. It's a low pitch instrument. My research at the www says, it's made by Conn and probably dating back to the 1915-1925 era. I'd like to have some more exact information wrt the...
  4. Eb Alto
    Anyone know what year this sax was made and how much they go for in excellent condition? Any history would be greatly appreciated. Thanks, Bill
  5. Bb Soprano
    Hi there, I have a Vintage Wurlizer 1920s curved soprano saxophone: [url][email protected]/ I played with a few newer design ones and found out for my beginner condition, they are more suitable by means of ergonimy and ease of play for the higher / lower...
  6. Bb Soprano
    I couldn't afford an expensive one so I bought a 1912 Curved Wurlitzer Low Pitch soprano sax. I find the high B, C, C# and low D to low Bb needs lots of work to make the right tone (higher octave harmonic for the low notes and unclear or unplayable for the high notes) I'm going to have the...
1-6 of 12 Results