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wireless microphone

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    Hi everyone, As the heading says. I realise it is primarily meant for hand-held condenser mics, but has anyone tried it with a condenser clip-on, such as the AKG C519 or Shure Beta 98? On paper it seems lika a good idea for a small and relatively cheap wireless system, but does it function in a...
  2. Electronic Equipment
    Hello, this is my first post, I'm from Chile, groove-soul-jazzy saxophone player. I'm using a Sennheiser evolution wireless g3, ew 100 system with a Sennheiser 908b mic. It works perfectly. I'm having some really serious noise issues using the system with my Whammy pedal. By the way, it's the...
  3. Electronic Equipment
    I've been searching around for a wireless clip on setup and I came across a lot of the NuVoice wireless systems. Anyone ever use these? Any word on them?
  4. Electronic Equipment
    THE SAMSON AIRLINE 77 Value Pro - Wireless microphone for Wind Instruments. This is the Samson Airline 77 bundle for Wind Instruments. It includes the AH1-HM40 transmitter / Microphone combination and the CR77 receiver. The following pictures speak out themselves. Some additional comments are...