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    Okay so if anyone knows how many threads and posts across the internet that already exist, it's me. I've had a WX7 or WX5 since the early 2000s, and for a few years I had both! That whole time - on and off of course- I've been trying to find the perfect stand. I think I found it: The Kikutani...
  2. Electronic Equipment
    Hi Folks! I never liked the idea of using the EWI as an emulator, for me it was important to find its own identity and dignity. After a long search this is my way of playing the EWI4000s. all comments and thoughts are very welcome! Cheers Fabio
  3. Electronic Equipment
    I know these are not saxophones but they look like great fun and since the likes of Bob Mintzer and the late Michael Brecker have done recordings with them, I taught I'd look into them. Has anyone got any experience with them?