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  1. Electronic Equipment
    Okay so if anyone knows how many threads and posts across the internet that already exist, it's me. I've had a WX7 or WX5 since the early 2000s, and for a few years I had both! That whole time - on and off of course- I've been trying to find the perfect stand. I think I found it: The Kikutani...
  2. Electronic Equipment
    Hi Folks! I never liked the idea of using the EWI as an emulator, for me it was important to find its own identity and dignity. After a long search this is my way of playing the EWI4000s. all comments and thoughts are very welcome! Cheers Fabio
  3. Electronic Equipment
    Hello everyone, developed a new sound set called Dr Xiao and Mr Shakuhachi very realistic and responsive. Here some video demos: For more information:
  4. Notation Software, MIDI, etc
    Hello all, I have an EWI USB and while I love the instrument and the way it plays, I'm very dissatisfied with the sounds provided by the included Garritan software. If any of you know of a way for me to get some new sounds for this instrument, I would really appreciate your help. I'm clueless...
  5. Electronic Equipment
    Hello, I recently purchased a yamaha WX11 controller off eBay. I was naive in thinking it might be possible to use it without some special cables/converters. I'd be happy to use some software synth (computer/usb). Do you know what the cheapest option for me could be to convert the Wx11 output...
  6. Miscellaneous
    Here is what the latest samplemodeling SWAM virtual Tenor Sax can sound like: Imagine what someone with serious technical skills would sound like. It's a single take live (with mistakes) played on the EWI-USB, selling for around $217 various places(w mistakes) but shows how much the...
  7. Misc. Instruments and Voice
    It used to be that synthesizers did not really do a great job trying to sound like a Trumpet, Trombone, or French Horn. That has all changed with the software synthesizer breakthroughs from samplemodeling. Their stuff is light years ahead of what you had from Roland, Yamaha, and others. Not...
  8. Electronic Equipment
    I will let these pictures speak for themselves, and comment afterward. Comments: I wanted something that looked and felt more like a sax and less like an electric clarinet. It turns out there's a whole lot of dead space inside the upper portion of the EWI, so I cut out a wedge with a...
1-8 of 18 Results