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  1. Bb Tenor
    I'm searching for a white lacquer tenor. I know there's a Selmer SA80 Series II, and a Cannonball that has been discontinued, that were made in white, but in general it seems to be a very rare color. Is that because the number of coats makes the horn super dark? Is there anything else I...
  2. King (HN White)
    Hello all, First time on this site, and I know nothing about saxophones. I play guitar, piano, drums and trombone, and when my grandfather died last month, I inherited a bunch of music equipment. In this lot was a 1920s white king saxello. Its serial number or Pat. pending number is 71xxx...
  3. Alto mpc
    I've been looking at the white mouthpiece Tab Smith used. It looks a bt strange - like a piece has been added or something. Does anyone know what this is???
1-3 of 6 Results