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  1. SOTW Member Recordings & Reviews
    Hey everyone! I put this in this section because 1. I post in here more than anywhere else, and 2. there are recordings and videos on my site so it seems like it fits, haha. I finally launched my website and was hoping you guys could make your way over there. It's a simple, clean design, so...
  2. Announcements and Bulletin Board
    We are proud to announce that Barnard Instrument Repair finally has a website, and we would like to invite everyone to check out our new website. Thanks to everyone who helped in this process and thanks to all of the customers who made this site possible. The adress is,
  3. General Discussion
    They closed shop over 30 years ago but there's a Facebook fan page up and running :mrgreen:
  4. Websites, Books, Magazines, Photos and other Lit.
    Hey all! I'm about to be a freshman in college and would like to begin taking a big step towards my future career as a musician. That step is creating a musician's website for my music. The only thing is well,,,, I don't exactly know where to begin! haha. I know if you google "How to make a...
  5. Announcements and Bulletin Board
    hi all SOTWers, a short note to let you know that I recently launched a new website for all sax and EWI players: (English) (Italian) The site features a huge index of over 1100 solo transcriptions found anywhere on the Internet...
  6. General Mouthpiece Discussion
    I remember a friend of mine telling me a few years back about a website or something that lets you try out mouthpieces for a certain price. Mailing them to you so you can try out which one you want making it easier to pick which one you want. He said he ordered 20 or so mouthpieces each with...
1-6 of 7 Results